Design for Real Life

Public Health Wales

People who regularly take 5 or more medications can be at an increased risk of falls. This can

be particularly dangerous to

the elderly.


Trademark Shakespeare

Using one of six themes as a starting point, propose and develop a cohesive

exhibition experience. 


The Establishment

Create a book cover design for one of 3 designated books, each from a different category. 

Logo Design

Olivia Made This

Create a new logo for a local wedding videographer.

Final Major Project


Research, experiment and design a project to be showcased in the 3rd year final exhibition space. 

Dissertation Design

Brand Exploitation

Take the content written in dissertation and create a piece of editorial design that will showcase the dissertation in a more visually appealing and considered way than a simple word document. 

About / Contact

I am a detail-oriented designer looking to find my dream career in graphic design. I am a creative, level-headed and open minded designer who is able to easily adapt to different or unfamiliar situations. Having initially decided that University wasn’t for me I pursued full-time work in retail and property management before realising that I was missing out on the creative opportunities that I craved. I decided to get myself back into education and have not looked back since. I now get to follow my dreams as a graphic designer and have never been happier.  


Within my practice, I like to approach all situations from a place of positivity and enthusiasm and am very effective at problem solving. I am particularly interested in print design but am always willing to learn new skills and tackle new challenges head on to better myself and my skills.


I am always on the lookout for new opportunities so please don't be afraid to contact me.

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